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Sports Medicine Advisor Credits

Clinical Reference Systems Advisor Series Products

The Sports Medicine Advisor is developed by McKesson Health Solutions. Clinical Reference Systems Advisor Series products are high-quality patient education materials made available in an electronic format for professional, institutional, and Internet use.

Clinical Editor

Pierre Rouzier, MD
Amherst, Massachusetts


The American Academy of Family Physicians

Foundation Health Education Program
Kansas City, Missouri

Jeffrey M. Anderson, MD
Storrs, Connecticut

Jacqueline R. Berning, PhD, RD
Castle Rock, Colorado

Richard T. Caldwell, MD
San Fidel, New Mexico

Phyllis Clapis, PT, MS, OCS, CSCS
Amherst, Massachusetts

Priscilla M. Clarkson, PhD, FACSM
Amherst, Massachusetts

Michael E. Coblyn, EdD
Amherst, Massachusetts

Scott Coleman, MA, PT
Grand Junction, Colorado

Phyllis G. Cooper, RN, MN
Play del Rey, California

Dee Ann DeRoin, MPH, MD
Lawrence, Kansas

Tom Gilfillan
Denver, Colorado

Vicky Heim, MSMI
Lawrenceville, Georgia

D. Jane Johnson
Grand Junction, Colorado

Ron Laham, ATC
Amherst, Massachusetts

Robin E. Levine, MA, RD, CDE
Amherst, Massachusetts

Lee Mancini, MD
Amherst, Massachusetts

Judith M. Mathias, RN, MA
Aurora, Colorado

Daniel G. McBride, MD
Northampton, Massachusetts

Peter Scott
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tammy White, MS, PT
Salida, Colorado

McKesson Clinical Reference Systems Staff

Medical editors: Janice Burley, Trish Cozart, Deb Riepl

Principal editor: Steve Silverstein, MD

Software developer: Raymond Gardner

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